Curds N’ Whey Thanksgiving Menu

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Hors D’oeuvres

_______Spanakopita                               $21.00 / dozen

_______Sweet and Sour Meatballs             $12.99 / lb

_______Crudités w/Dip for 10                            $50.00

_______Cheese and Cracker Tray for 10          $60.00


Salads and Soups

_______Broccoli Salad                                     $10.99 / lb

_______Poached Pear Salad          $5.99 pp/10 people

_______Mandarin Orange Salad  $4.50 pp/10 people

_______Philadelphia Salad            $4.99 pp/10 people

_______Cranberry Chambord       $10.99 / lb


~Soups: $5.99/pint and $11.99/quart~

_______Portobella Mushroom Soup

_______Autumn Squash/ Apple Cider Soup    



_______Boneless Turkey Breast Sliced        $12.99/lb

_______Turkey with stuffing and gravy       $11.99/lb

_______Whole Roasted Turkey                         $7.99/lb 

            ~Carving Charge $20.00~         (Raw Weight)

_______Lemon Chicken                                      $11.99 lb

_______Almond Apricot Chicken                     $11.99 lb

_______Chicken w/Spinach, Mushrooms      $11.99lb

_______Teriyaki Salmon                                   $23.99/lb

_______Pistachio Salmon                                 $23.99/lb

_______Grilled Salmon                                      $23.99/lb



_______Brown Rice with Vegetables               $8.99/lb

_______White & Wild Rice w/Cranberries    $8.99/lb

_______Macaroni and Cheese                            $8.99/lb

_______Mushroom, Onion, Celery Stuffing    $8.99/lb

_______Orange Sweet Potato Casserole         $8.99/lb

_______Roasted Sweet Potato Wedges           $8.99/lb

            Honey, Nutmeg & Cinnamon

_______Roasted Potatoes                                    $8.99/lb

_______Twice Baked Potatoes                          $3.50/ea

_______Mashed Potatoes                                    $7.99/lb

_______Roasted Vegetables                               $8.99/lb

_______String Beans with Shallots                 10.99/lb

_______Brussel Sprouts                                    $10.99/lb

_______Asparagus                                              $12.99/lb




_______Lemon Mascarpone Cake                        $40.00

                (Serves 14 people) (pre-sliced)

_______Apple Cake            ½ Cake $18.00 Full $35.00

                (Serves 16)

_______Lemon Cake          ½ Cake $18.00 Full $35.00

                (Serves 16)  

_______Banana Chocolate Chip Cake

                (Serves 16)       ½ Cake $18.00 Full $35.00

_______Chocolate Cake    ½ Cake $18.00 Full $35.00

                (Serves 16)

_______Pecan Pie 8”                                                 $15.99

_______Pumpkin Pie 8”                                           $14.99