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Fruit Salad
Tuna apps.

Our mission at Curds N’ Whey is to make your event exactly what you envision, no matter how large or small. We offer several sample menus, but we are committed to customizing yours until it looks exactly as you want. No idea is too extravagant; our staff is always up for the challenge. Let us know what you want, and we will make it happen! Curds N’ Whey will deliver a quality experience with the freshest ingredients, whether your event is in your home or at an offsite location. Our staff is professional and gracious, with attention to every detail. We are well-versed in all event styles and can assist wait staff, bartenders, and on-site chefs. We want to provide as much or little support as you desire. We are prepared for anything—from the casual atmosphere of a cocktail reception or family-style meal to a traditional, elegant multiple-course sit-down dinner.


About Us

Our story starts with our humble beginnings as a small cheese shop. Because of your loyalty, we went from those beginnings to the operation we are today. We have served the Montgomery County, PA community for over 40 years and treat our clients like family because that is what they are to us. Thank you for considering Curds N’ Whey and learning more about us! We can’t wait to provide you and your guests with an incredible dining experience. Contact us today at 215-886-2203 to discuss your needs with our team.


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