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Best Catering Services in Glenside

There is a lot of pressure to find the best catering services when you are hosting a special event or party. You want a company that will work with you to meet your individual needs, wants, and desires. After all, the food served can make or break the overall experience! 


If you are located in the greater Glenside area and find yourself tirelessly searching for a local catering cafe then look no further than Curds & Whey. 


Curds & Whey first opened its doors 45 years ago as a women-owned and operated small business. Despite all the challenges, our founder, Asna kept preserving to make Curds & Whey what it is today. We expanded, we moved, and we increased our menu, but we never lost our values. Every dish we serve is served with the utmost, freshest ingredients. Everything from our salad dressings, meats, prepared food, and some baked goods are made in-house and catered to our customer’s preferences and needs.  Our Executive Chef comes to us from the Culinary Institute of America and our professional staff is willing to go above and beyond to ensure the best catering experience.

The Most Common Events to Hire a Catering Company

Do you have a special event coming up? What are you serving your guests? Should you hire a catering company or try to tackle preparing all the food on your own? Planning an event or a party is already overwhelming. The stress of trying to serve food that everyone will enjoy is unnecessary and what if you end up burning the main dish? Avoid these troubles by hiring a professional catering company. 


Here is a list of the most common events to hire a catering service for: 

  • Weddings

  • Corporate Events

  • Birthday Parties 

  • Family Reunions

  • Bridal Showers

  • Baby Showers

  • Cultural Rites of Passage

  • Retirement Parties 

  • Engagement Celebrations

  • Meeting the Parents/Extended Family

  • Holiday Festivities 


What other events can you hire a catering company for? Pretty much anything and everything! When you partner with Curds & Whey's professional catering service, you are opening your event up to a whole new world. You can never go wrong with taking the pressure off of your hands and opting for a reliable catering service like Curds & Whey.

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Why Hire Curds & Whey For Your Next Catering Event?

No matter how big or small your next event is, Curds & Whey would love to be your local Glenside catering company. While we offer several sampled menus, we make it our main goal to customize a menu that looks exactly how you envisioned it. 


Whether your event is being held in your home or at an offsite location, Curds & Whey ensures a high-quality experience with our professional, gracious, and cautious staff. We provide a wealth of knowledge regarding all event styles. With our wait staff, bartenders, and onsite chefs, we can provide as much or as little support as you wish. Our job is to cater to you, no matter what you want, need, or imagine, Curds & Whey is here to make it happen. Contact us today by giving us a call, stopping by our location, or filling out the inquiry form. Your dream event awaits you with Curds & Whey.

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