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Curds and Whey - A Family-Owned Cafe Near Willow Grove, PA

Local family businesses are a significant part of our communities, especially those who live in the Willow Grove area. While visiting chain restaurants is where you can dine any night of the week and enjoy the same type of meals, nothing beats the uniqueness of a local family cafe or restaurant. Next time you are looking for a place to eat in Willow Grove, consider Curds and Whey. We serve up the most delicious breakfast and lunch options for you and your family to enjoy. From superior craftsmanship, flavor, and creativity, our menu has it all: handcrafted sandwiches, chargrilled burgers, fresh salads, and comforting meals! 


Our Mission

It is our mission to provide the local community with fresh, high-quality meals at an affordable price that they can enjoy at a place that provides a family atmosphere. From catering to handmade prepared foods, we are here to serve you and make your life easier. We love becoming familiar with the locals in our community and sharing our stories to influence others to share their stories as well. Forty-five years ago, Curds and Whey was founded by Asna, the mother of the business. It started as a small cheese stop and turned into a cafe and local eatery. Our fresh salads, meats, prepared foods, baked goods, and more are made in-house with the freshest ingredients. We’re one of the best places to eat in Willow Grove!


Our gourmet shop and cafe spark delectable aromas the moment you walk in. Our prepared foods are made in-house and are made with the freshest ingredients and flavors. The Curds and Whey menu changes throughout the year to keep our customers satisfied. We enjoy creating special dishes for our customers, among requests, to appease their taste buds. Our menu consists of a variety of comfort meals, salads that you can design yourself, and deliciously handcrafted sandwiches. The sizable menu is designed by our culinary geniuses to create an elevated tasting experience for the community. Enjoy breakfast by trying our breakfast burrito or egg sandwiches or our lunch options such as homemade quesadillas, wraps, or chargrilled burgers. If you are looking for a healthier alternative, our salads are designed just for you. Whether you want to choose a crafted salad made by our team or you want to design your own, we can make that happen for you. Just choose your lettuce, protein, toppings, and one of our homemade dressings to finish it off! 



It’s officially the holiday season, which means parties, gatherings, and holiday events are happening. There is nothing more exciting than a local family business catering a casual holiday event such as a cocktail party, sit-down dinner, holiday party, or office party. Count on our team at Curds and Whey to serve delicious and comforting meals to you and your guests. Our attention to detail and the freshest ingredients are the keys to success in this business. Take the stress off your plate by choosing catering services by Curds and Whey. 


Choose Local 

When you dine out, it’s more than just feasting on delicious food, it's about the overall experience and uniqueness of the local establishment. Without you, local food shops might not make it. The rise of chain restaurants causes small businesses to become overlooked. Eating local does not only guarantee an innovative and exciting culinary experience, but it also means you are supporting local chefs and business owners. Here are a few reasons why you should dine locally:

  • Supporting a local family

  • Supporting local chefs

  • Enjoy a unique culinary experience 

Contact us today by stopping in-store or giving us a call! Our professional and certified chefs will ensure they prepare a culinary experience like no other. If you are interested in trying a new local food shop, try Curds N’ Whey!

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Contact Curds & Whey For Your Professional Catering Event Services

At Curds & Whey, we want to make your vision a reality. No matter how big or small your event is, we will go above and beyond to ensure it is everything you have hoped and dreamed of. 


Going back 45 years, Curds & Whey was just a cheese counter. Since then we have grown, expanded, and explored, but we have never lost our values. We believe anything is possible and will not stop until our customers are satisfied. Our customer loyalty is the reason we are here today and we owe it all to you. The least we can do is provide you with the catering experience you deserve. Contact us today to start planning.

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